Adobe Photoshop CS4 Serial Keys


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I hope adobe Photoshop extend serial CS4 keys will work.

Note: Please disconnect Your internet before putting your serial keys in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Serial Keys. Because if your internet is connected adobe will try to verify the serial. So Disconnect your internet First.
Without Activation Adobe CS4 for MAC

Step 1 – Make sure you’ve run a CS4 app once (use trial if asked). Quit any open CS4 apps.

Step 2 – If you’ve previously entered a serial, load any CS4 app, go to the Help menu and Deactivate. Quit any open CS4 apps.

Step 3 – Open Terminal (found in Applications/Utilities/). In the terminal window, paste in:

sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts

Step 4 – Hit return and type in your admin password.

Step 5 – A file will automatically open in TextEdit. In TextEdit, add new line at the bottom of the document and paste in the following:

Step 6 – Save the file. Do NOT do a “Save As”. Close the file.

Step 7 – Launch any CS4 app and enter the serial. The serial will last for decades.

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